Painting & Drawing:

'Drawing is one of the core elements of my creativity: a spontaneous and unavoidable compulsion for the mind and the hands since I am completely unable to rest either one. As a small child I often lay in front of the fire at night and visualized the logs as geometrically decomposing entities like futurist structures perched at Zabriskie Point which, as a student of engineering, many years later seemed oddly familiar'.

'Fish', Pen and Ink on paper

Madonnas, Gestural Portraits and Masks

The face paintings by Philip Ross Munro found their origins in the work of a German Artist whose painting of the Madonna may be found in the Chapel of Santa Maria Novella in Rome. While as a student in the Atelier of Fresco at The Beaux Arts, Munro used this Madonna as the catalyst for his first original fresco painting. Since that time, Munro has continued periodically to add images to his production of Madonna and Gestural portraits. These works are larger than human scale.

Limited Edition fine art prints and a small number of originals are available from the collection of the artist.




'Joan', 21x29" Gouache on paper, 1984