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‘The Dialogues’ find their beginnings in ink drawings executed by Philip Ross Munro in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Over the years, they have become a distinctive narrative form in the Artist’s repertoire of channeling and storytelling.


”People often engage with these images in a gleeful and inquisitive fashion. They may question what they see and ask how these works of arts are created. While the images may appear simple in nature, the answer is more complex.


Diane Arbus was quoted saying: ‘the most important thing to know is that you never know’.

This is the case in much of Philip Ross Munro's production. In his words:

The initial concept is followed by a process wherein the mind and the body harmonize on their way to discovery and completion of new imagery. As the ink hits the surface of the paper or canvas, there is an immediate confluence of forces propelling the extension of thought or conversation into form.

The path in creation is not one mapped beneath the feet, but more similar to that of birds in flight. If I knew the outcome before I undertook the start then more than likely I would not embark.


The result may be sociological part dialogue, fable, parable, fantasy, or myth.”

The Delicious Nine.jpg

The Delicious Nine

PRM Plant Forward Face YES 1 CW B&W.jpg
Roe's nine.jpg

Roe's Nine 
Originals in this series are sold out
Limited Edition prints are available upon request

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The Joy Nine.jpg

 The Joy Nine

Plant Forward Yes Banyon.jpg
One Fine Day Nine plex Wix.jpg

One Fine Day, OFD  Nine-plex 2022

Plant Forward 031921 Finissage 12x16 72 ret Nov21.jpg


available as wallpaper or a Wallhanging or Janice Poplin Cotton fabric

PAI wall hanging 10x16 72 .jpg

The Pen and Ink drawings are available as Originals or Limited Edition Prints in several sizes.

Most popular are works on archival paper measuring 22 x 28 cm  (8.5x11"), 41 x 51 cm (16 x 20") and

a  large format on New Zealand Birch panels measuring: 91.5 x 122 cm. (36x48"). Custom sizes by request.

Works may be purchased in predefined groupings or in customized selections:

Below are series of nine from which individual pieces may be acquired.

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