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The Scotoma Series:

PRMunro 0795 F.jpg
PRMunro 0794 F.jpg
PRMunro 0796 F.jpg

​The Scotoma series 2010 -


​"Whether spectacular in beauty or hideous in import, images and events before the eye are often unseen. Blindness is inherent in humans. The question of cause is: what is inherited or accidental; chosen, erred, denied or desired?"

​Scotoma n. pl. sco·to·mas or sco·to·ma·ta

(Psychology) a mental blind spot; inability to understand or perceive certain matters An area of diminished vision within the visual field. [Medieval Latin from Greek skotōma giddiness, from skotoun to make dark, from skotos darkness]

This series, begun in 2010, is an ongoing production. These works find their conceptual origin in the News Series from the artist's production of the early 90's.

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