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El Gincho

This body of work was shot in the  Canary Islands in 2009. I had been invited to exhibit with three other artists from Miami in the 'Sister City' of Tenerife. Once there my  hosts insisted that I stay longer and photograph in their waters. I had not brought my underwater gear believing that Murphy's law would kick in and so it did, without any underwater cameras my hosts  began to search the island for equipment and a week later I was introduced to a local photographer of international import to discuss what we needed and where we should go. His first question was 'Why did you not bring your underwater equipment?' My answer was spontaneous and I replied 'because if I had it all with me I would not have met you!' He was excstatic and took me to locales that no visitor would ever find. In these shots I used an idigenous Canary Island Indian native whose ancestors predated the Spanish arrival in the islands. We climbed down 800 foot cliffs to these waters pulsing in and out of a sculpted bowl on the west coast of the island pierced inwards from the Atlantic Ocean... dangerous and exciting are the words that sprang to mind...  embraced in the primitive exposure.

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