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The Tell

Hidden in the subtle vessels that populate our planet are oddities, secrets and truths of the species we most identify with: humans. These powerful beings secrete ‘tells’ in their motion, their speech or their form: there is always a unique ’Tell’. Tiny fragments or entire lifetimes ensconced within the individual soul may be unveiled in microseconds. It a joy, a blessing and sometimes a curse to experience the truths of inner workings laid-bare.


The new body of work presented here has it’s impetus in the current ‘Tell’ humanity finds itself mired in: there is a plethora of emotions documented in poses of strength, sorrow, reflection and humor, chronicalling time during the pandemic of 2020. As with other series of works from past years there is a quasi-voyeuristic use of being witnessed or witnessing the unknown. This time scenes are locked in and fractured behind plastic sheets: metaphors for the barriers and masks we now experience as a major part of our daily lives - the ‘Tell’!

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